Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dispelling the prevalent myth within institutionalized religion
about absolute truths, Ultimate Truth: Book I (published by
AuthorHouse), the new critical nonfiction from Dr. Peter C.
Rogers, D.D., Ph.D., reveals how most spiritual beliefs share
common fundamental principles and how breaking free from the
limitations of traditional religious beliefs can pave a personal path
toward spiritual enlightenment.
The first in the Truth series from Dr. Rogers, Ultimate Truth: Book
I combines riveting, thought-provoking theories, philosophy and
spiritual insights regarding humanity’s divine nature and celestial
origins. Cultivated over 19 years of Rogers’ life and influenced
by a variety of experiences; Ultimate Truth: Book I explores
the commonalities between all world religions instead of their
differences. Dr. Rogers encourages readers to seek out their own
unique, spiritual path, no matter how unorthodox it may seem,
and realize a spirituality that coincides with readers’ inner selves
instead of running in conflict to it.
Written for the lay person, Dr. Rogers examines myriad concepts
from theology to metaphysics, ancient teachings to contemporary
ideas, religions from the East to the West, orthodox religions to
the occult and everything in between. Ultimate Truth: Book I
explores all facets of spirituality in hopes that the reader will absorb
the information and decide for themselves. Not necessarily pulling
readers away from their previous beliefs, Ultimate Truth: Book I
strengthens true belief and expands readers’ consciousness into a
broader, more rational concept of their faith.
“Ultimate Truth: Book I’s aim is to show readers how each individual
has the innate ability to resolve and work out all forms of conflict
within his or herself by acquiescing into a higher form of reality
through spiritual principles, open-mindedness, introspection and
emotional clearing,” Rogers writes.

Dr. Peter C. Rogers is a light-worker, metaphysician and certified practitioner under The Universal Church of
Metaphysics. He and his wife, Elsa, founded the non-profit organization, P.E.L.S.A, which assists recovering persons
with support services. He received a doctorate of divinity as well as a doctorate of philosophy in metaphysical
studies from The University of Metaphysical Sciences. He currently resides in Long Beach, Calif., where he is
an inspirational speaker and mentors individuals on their spiritual journey. For more information, please visit: