Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Like Enegies

Everything resonates, the question is, what are you resonating or sending out as your vibration. You have the ability to attract into your being anything you desire through the practice of sending out powerful vibrations with your thoughts, words and deeds. Consequently, whenever you find yourself in the presence of someone that is not in alignment with that in which you believe, your efforts can become thwarted as long as you allow yourself to be subjected to their contrary ideas. If the wave and the oscillation have different frequencies, then sooner or later they will drift out of phase and the motion of one will work against that of the other. The wave will actually reduce the energy of the other through destructive interference. Conversely, a vibration matching the resonant frequency of the first wave will cause larger and larger vibrations. This occurs as an enhanced coupling between quantum states with the same energy. One analogy would be if you were to drop a pebble into a lake, it would cause a ripple or a wave to travel across the lake. By simultaneously dropping another pebble into the lake, you create another wave sending out ripples to meet with those of the previous pebble. If the waves are in sync, then they will combine energies causing greater momentum as a unified force. By the same token, if the waves are not in alignment, then the force generated by each will ultimately cancel each other out. The key is to always stay conscious of the energy around you especially the energy coming from the people you frequently associate with. My good friend always says “If you hang around 9 broke people, you’ll be number 10” The same holds true for all forms of association. If you hang around 9 negative people, you’ll end up being number 10 and so on.