Monday, November 1, 2010

Press Release

Ultimate Truth
Book I
Dr. Peter C. Rogers,
D.D., Ph.D.

Dispelling the prevalent myth within institutionalized religion
about absolute truths, Ultimate Truth: Book I (published by
AuthorHouse), the new critical nonfiction from Dr. Peter C.
Rogers, D.D., Ph.D., reveals how most spiritual beliefs share
common fundamental principles and how breaking free from the
limitations of traditional religious beliefs can pave a personal path
toward spiritual enlightenment.
The first in the Truth series from Dr. Rogers, Ultimate Truth: Book
I combines riveting, thought-provoking theories, philosophy and
spiritual insights regarding humanity’s divine nature and celestial
origins. Cultivated over 19 years of Rogers’ life and influenced
by a variety of experiences; Ultimate Truth: Book I explores
the commonalities between all world religions instead of their
differences. Dr. Rogers encourages readers to seek out their own
unique, spiritual path, no matter how unorthodox it may seem,
and realize a spirituality that coincides with readers’ inner selves
instead of running in conflict to it.
Written for the lay person, Dr. Rogers examines myriad concepts
from theology to metaphysics, ancient teachings to contemporary
ideas, religions from the East to the West, orthodox religions to
the occult and everything in between. Ultimate Truth: Book I
explores all facets of spirituality in hopes that the reader will absorb
the information and decide for themselves. Not necessarily pulling
readers away from their previous beliefs, Ultimate Truth: Book I
strengthens true belief and expands readers’ consciousness into a
broader, more rational concept of their faith.
“Ultimate Truth: Book I’s aim is to show readers how each individual
has the innate ability to resolve and work out all forms of conflict
within his or herself by acquiescing into a higher form of reality
through spiritual principles, open-mindedness, introspection and
emotional clearing,” Rogers writes.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Throughout our journey, we will come to find that Alchemy in its truest sense is nothing more than coming into our own personal greatness. We will find that the language of the Alchemist is about learning to communicate with the Soul of the World through signs, omens and by simply listening to our hearts desires because it is in that yearning that we become nearer to our true power. In doing so, we come to know our own soul which is actually the Soul of God. Throughout our transformation, we will gradually start to notice that all things change and they are continuously changing or being transformed into something different and perhaps even better than they were prior. Symbolically, gold has evolved beyond any other metals thus far making it the example of our own evolutionary goals as spiritual beings. It’s no secret that if we subject metal to extreme temperatures that it’s just a matter of time before it begins to free itself of any impurities leaving only the purest nature of itself. So too is it with you and I. Therefore, ridding ourselves of any impurities starts to become our own “Master Work” where we are able to discover for ourselves what the true elixir of life is thus transforming us into the true Philosophers’ Stone.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Like Enegies

Everything resonates, the question is, what are you resonating or sending out as your vibration. You have the ability to attract into your being anything you desire through the practice of sending out powerful vibrations with your thoughts, words and deeds. Consequently, whenever you find yourself in the presence of someone that is not in alignment with that in which you believe, your efforts can become thwarted as long as you allow yourself to be subjected to their contrary ideas. If the wave and the oscillation have different frequencies, then sooner or later they will drift out of phase and the motion of one will work against that of the other. The wave will actually reduce the energy of the other through destructive interference. Conversely, a vibration matching the resonant frequency of the first wave will cause larger and larger vibrations. This occurs as an enhanced coupling between quantum states with the same energy. One analogy would be if you were to drop a pebble into a lake, it would cause a ripple or a wave to travel across the lake. By simultaneously dropping another pebble into the lake, you create another wave sending out ripples to meet with those of the previous pebble. If the waves are in sync, then they will combine energies causing greater momentum as a unified force. By the same token, if the waves are not in alignment, then the force generated by each will ultimately cancel each other out. The key is to always stay conscious of the energy around you especially the energy coming from the people you frequently associate with. My good friend always says “If you hang around 9 broke people, you’ll be number 10” The same holds true for all forms of association. If you hang around 9 negative people, you’ll end up being number 10 and so on.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In many of the mystery schools and secret societies, knowledge is considered sacred and is therefore sworn to secrecy by the initiates. Divulging of the secret mysteries by any of those practicing in the esoteric studies is cause for not only being excommunicated but also a violent and painful death. In this way, the knowledge of ancient history can remain “hidden in the dark,” by those wishing to suppress the real truth of who we actually are in the grand scheme of existence. Anytime someone seeks to withhold the real knowledge of a people from them, they are seeking to usurp them of their birthright. If you were born into royalty but were never told this of your heritage, chances are you would never seek to claim that which is rightfully yours as heir to the thrown. This is the overall design which is to keep us unaware of our true heritage. But today, more and more people are beginning to awaken to the truth of what is happening here on this planet. As one becomes enlightened so too does another and another until eventually the deceit and the lies that have been perpetuated for ages will eventually become known by all.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It’s really unfortunate that we have such a limited per view when it comes to things of this nature. We’re taught only to believe in what can be observed through the five physical senses while 90% of the Universe remains invisible or unknowable to the person hell-bent on only believing what they can see, touch, hear, taste or smell. We are multidimensional beings yet we only utilize 10% of our capabilities at best. I find it very interesting that we only utilize 10% of our brains potential while the other 90% remains a mystery. The microcosm of the human body emulates the macrocosm of the Universe and once we are able to harness the full potential of our minds, we will then be able to experience the full potential of the Universe. The unknowable would suddenly become knowable and what we once thought of as imaginary would suddenly become a reality. Imagine what would happen once we learned to utilize all 64 codons of our DNA. There would be no sickness, no limitations and we would be reunited with our true, higher selves. We would become as the gods, knowing all things. Inner-dimensional travel would be possible, and we would have the ability to travel the distant stars rediscovering our divine heritage. We are all Starseeds who have willingly chosen planet Earth as our learning ground for growth, expansion and ascension.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cosmic Mind

Cosmic Mind is the unadulterated Mind of God. In Theosophy, it is the sum total of all Divine and spiritual intelligences. It is the essence from which all things manifests. Hence, nothing can exist without being an aspect of this consciousness. In his writing on “Cosmic Mind in the Microcosm” Rudi Jansma says; “In the creation story of the Vishnu Purana, the first thing to manifest at the beginning of our cosmic cycle is Cosmic Intelligence (Mind). From this Cosmic Intelligence emanates the individual intelligences of all existing entities in the Universe. In men and women it manifests as human intelligence, the human mind. But it also appears as the intelligent influence in all of nature's kingdoms, visible and invisible.” All Universal order, laws and designs emanates from this vast intelligence. In terms of creation, first the thought exists within the Mind and from there manifestation occurs given the right set of circumstances. This is the process for bringing anything into creation on any level. The Cosmic Mind of God first desires to know itself in the form of a galaxy, a star, or a planet and from that inclination; it simply becomes that which it desires. The entire Multi-verse consisting of untold diversity and countless hues and shades of dimensionality all happen in the Cosmic Mind of God. This creative process is the express design of all consciousness to include you and I. We are the unique individuated expression of this all encompassing Mind. It is spirit manifested in human form. But, the Cosmic Mind entails so much more than this. It is also, the sum total of all things, all energies and manifestations, all forms, subtle and unpleasant, sacred and ordinary. It is the prevailing condition which in its subtlest form is undifferentiated Pure Consciousness which is the primordial substance from which the myriad forms of existence emerge. Simply put; Mind is All.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Logos is the attribute of Divine Intelligence in operation throughout the Cosmos and what we call Cosmic Law, is merely the nature and behavior of the One Universal being, expressing through Its many facets. Greek philosopher Heraclitus described the Logos as the principle of order and knowledge in the Universe. He believed that “all things come to be in accordance with this Logos.” This implies that everything happens for a reason and although that reason may not be known, we should rest assured in knowing that something is governing the outcome to all of lifes situations. Nothing happens by happenstance and there are no coincidences. This would imply that our Universe is a random set of events and therefore nothing upon nothing can be predicted with any degree of accuracy or certainty. I tend to disagree. If you believe in an intelligent Universe, there’s no way possible not to believe in order. Although we tend to differ on what labels we ascribe to this intelligence, Its existence is indisputable. Some call this intelligence God while others call it Divine Mind or Logos. In Stoicism, Logos is the active principle of the Cosmos usually identified with God. They believe it to be the source of all activity and generation which is the power of reason residing in the human soul. To the Stoic, Logos is the rational principle that governs and develops the Universe and on this I can agree.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Grand Scheme

Life itself is eternal and we are just one expression of a vast and magnificent Intelligence. This Intelligence is creation, It is Life and it is manifest throughout the millions of galaxies all of which harbor life in the most diverse forms. Life doesn’t have to be physical to exist. This might very well be the reason why we have had such a difficult time discovering other “life” forms. It is because we lack the means to do so. God exists in all forms, shapes and variations to include creations we have yet to discover. The human eye can only see ultra-violet lights and anything beyond that spectrum, we fail to see. Because we can’t see it, we deem it non-existent. But in reality, there is far more to this multitude of galaxies and Universes than we will ever know. God is life. Exactly when and how this came to be escapes the mind. All I know is that we have limited ourselves to the belief that human beings are all there is. It is utterly pompous of us to think such a thing for to do so would render God limited to this one form of dynamic expression. We pride ourselves on being created “In the image and likeness of God,” when it truth this could never be for God is the un-manifest energy of the Cosmos ever expanding into greater aspects of Itself. The idea that we are created in the image and likeness of God was uttered by the Nefilim in their attempt to create a primitive slave race through invitrofertillization methods in ancient Africa who later became an intelligent, thinking creature. These were the human-reptilian crossbreed gods of Sumer. But even these visitors from space are expressions of the One and eternal stream of God that permeates all life forms. This life force courses through the veins of every living creature and it is eternal. We are Its expression and therefore we are It made manifest in our human form. But we are not the totality of Its design nor of Its expression for we are just a single microbe in the grand scheme of life.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cosmic Truth

You should know that it takes a great deal of courage in order to entertain the notion that life as we know it is really just a fraction of what is happening in the Universe. In order to fully embrace the wisdom of these writings which required a great deal of study and introspection, one must be open-minded to the degree that all forms of prior conditioning to the truth become openly challenged and you begin to reevaluate what you know about truth. You will come to find just as I did that our truth is minuscule in terms of Cosmic Truth and the vast amount of information that has been sequestered by a select few in an effort to keep you ignorant and unaware.

There is a far greater truth to be told by venturing into the unknown recesses of the mind. By mind I mean the Cosmic Mind which is the Universal brain. Within this brain lie all the answers that we’ve been seeking but have not yet been able to acquire. Our failure to obtain these precious gems of wisdom has been hindered by our inability to see beyond what is presented to us. We’ve become docile and conditioned by the various avenues of mental control. These avenues are masquerading as truth in the form of organized religions, dogmas, doctrines, creeds and false and unfounded beliefs being promulgated by adherents of clandestine activities. But the greatest of these is religion which continues to imprison the hearts and minds of anyone that would dare to venture out into un-chartered regions of thought and mental independence. It is for this reason that I write so that anyone who dares to escape the strong-holds of mental enslavement can find solace in knowing that knowledge is power and that power alone will serve to help humanity free itself from the tyranny of ignorance. “For you shall know the (real) truth and the truth shall set you free.”

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Divine Source

As the Source of all, God is not stagnant, it is continuing to grow through an inner awareness to become more expansive and more of its own Self. The Source is collectively a part of everything and yet It is still a force unto Itself. It seeks to gain greater experiences through the process of materialization and It expands not only into the past but also into the limitless future. Because It is the Source of all things, It has experienced all there is to know about everything so It has become Omniscient.

We have a unique agreement with this intelligence because on a celestial level, our consciousness (being one with Universal consciousness) has collaborated together so that we may garner increasingly more experiences in the form of being. Our Higher Selves have the duty of gathering up these collective experiences and guiding us throughout countless lifetimes so that we may gain further insight for the Source upon which we will return. Therefore, our evolutionary goal is to identify and become one with the Source of which we are made. This will allow us to expand our purpose so that we are able to appreciate the enormity of what we are. The first step is to acknowledge that we are the Source through the living spirit within our being.—Dr. Peter C. Rogers, Ultimate Truth: Book I

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Each person possesses an inner spirituality that is not connected to doctrine. If we can release the doctrine and touch the innate spirituality, we begin the integration process. It extends outward onto the planet by the honoring of every person's truth as a manifestation of the One Truth. This allows each of us to coexist within our philosophies without needing to change each others' beliefs. The fact that God/All That Is exists is not changed by our argument over which color robe "He" wears. We are so afraid of being alone and separate that we create even more separation through our desire to have a unified doctrine. If we have the courage to begin touching this inner spirituality, we will see our transformation blossom...The Prism of Lyra

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


What if the figure we know as Jesus never even existed? What would this revelation do to your faith and your way of believing? While this question may seem unrealistic to some, the reality is, recently I had to ask myself this very question. Fortunately for me the answer didn’t come in that instant but it came slowly over a period of time in a gradual gentle sort of way. Had it come to me in an instant, it probably would have been too devastating for me to handle considering my entire belief system was based on the teachings of Christianity which are founded on the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ. What had to happen for me was that I first needed to break free of the stranglehold Christianity had me in. This came in the form of Islam. And although I went from one form of belief system to another, this adjustment allowed me to accept Jesus as merely a prophet as opposed to him being the actual “Son of God,” and the Savior to the world. With this change in my belief, I was one step closer to freedom. After several years, my seeking led me to realize that even Islam was not the only proponent of truth and that there was an even greater aspect of my being that was still seeking to find truth in whatever form it might take. At that point, I started to open up to the possibility of simply being the spiritual entity that I am without the labels or the dogmas and the systematic way of thinking. It was in making that adjustment that I became able to handle the truth of what I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to handle. That truth being that the figure I was raised to believe in, cherish and worship as the son of god and my savior, was nothing more than a figment of someone’s imagination.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


What then are we to think..? Is the world truly in need of a savior to make himself known in order for humanity to find an equilibrium? It’s no mystery that practically all of the world religions speak of the return of some form of savior that will one day rid the world of all its woes thus bringing about a heaven-on-earth scenario. But is this really needed? Is it not true that we must each seek to work out our own salvation and that no one can ever help us to reach self-realization? I’m of the opinion that while there is in fact some form of Spiritual Hierarchy that oversees planetary evolution; each individual soul has the responsibility of working out its own salvation, that being his or her evolutionary plan. Nothing outside of ourselves can save us from ourselves. I do however, subscribe to the idea of Ascended Masters otherwise I wouldn’t be expounding on it here. Only my interpretation is somewhat different in that these Masters are no different than you or I and they have each manifested here in order to reach the level of awareness that they have achieved through self-realization. This is something that all of us are capable of through practice and mastery. Granted this may take several life-times, it is the purpose of our being, the sole/soul reason for existing. We are all masters in our own right seeking to ascend to higher levels of consciousness through the examples we know as the Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, and countless others. They were no different than we are today and we will all reach the same level of awareness whenever we decide to live and dwell as the masters that we truly are.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Truth is Relative

In dealing with reality, we must therefore be referring to truth. But “truth is relative” you say, therefore how can one reality be constant for everyone? And the answer is—it’s not. Truth comes in many shapes and sizes and is therefore localized in the individual. What holds true for one may not hold true for all. This is why there are countless belief systems, philosophies and understandings. For example; there is the belief in correspondence which says that truth should actually correspond with the state of affairs. Or the coherence theory which says that truth has to have a proper fit within the whole system. Or the constructive theory which holds that truth is constructed by the social processes and is historically and culturally specific. And finally, the consensus theory which supposes that truth is whatever is agreed upon. But one thing does hold true for all and this is that we must all seek our own understanding of truth and honor that which we hold to be true for ourselves while at the same time honoring the truth of others.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Know ye not that ye are gods...?

Being one with energy, we are functioning in an invisible matrix called the electromagnetic force field, we are a fundamental physical force that is responsible for interactions between charged particles that are about a hundred times the strength of the force that extends over infinite distances and is dominant over atomic and molecular distances. We exude a magnetic pulse, as such; we are powerful beings with all of the attributes of the original Source.

As we give conscious thought to energy, in other words, contemplate it or focus on it, the energy all about us increases, as does the magnetism of the field which surrounds us. As our magnetism increases, so does our desire. As our desire increases, so does our energy flow. The very nature of our existence is pure, raw, unadulterated energy. Far too often we are taught that we are powerless so that we will look to something or someone beyond ourselves in which to bestow our energy.

At its core, energy is the ability to do work or to cause change and we posses all the power we will ever need to exact change right within our make up. The moment we decide to send out a real soul-call to God, Infinite Omniscience responds and an energetic vibration is sent from you into the Universe, which draws into your experience that which will support the fulfillment of your desire. We must embrace our energy. Harness it; hone it as if it were a laser in which to dissolve the strongholds of debilitating thought and beliefs long held. We have to free ourselves from the exhausted, parasitic doctrines of old that only serve to invoke fear and weakness in us.

We are sleeping giants that must rise up and declare our rightful place as the gods and goddesses that we are. We are fashioned in the image and likeness of a perpetual energy that can never be destroyed. We are eternal beings and when we speak and live from this truth, others will shout ‘blasphemy,’ but do not hearken unto their cries for they have not yet come to terms with their own true Divinity. We are Divine energy having expression as being, through us and for us. As such, when we see ourselves, we are seeing the God of all creation and as the Christ once said ‘when you see me, you see the Father for he and I are one.’ In this state of awareness, we essentially become our true divine selves.

Monday, March 8, 2010


In reality we are all deities living in human form for the purpose of our evolution into greater aspects of ourselves. For clarification, I want you to understand what is being suggested here. You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine. You are an aspect of it. The only difference is one of degree so the part can not be different from the whole. This means you are divinity but you have chosen to forget this very important aspect of yourself by becoming human. Deities are depicted in a variety of forms, but are frequently expressed as having human form. While some faiths and traditions consider it blasphemous to imagine or depict a deity as having any concrete form, we are each divine in our own rite. Deities are usually considered to be immortal. As pure energy in human form, your essence can never die. Deities are commonly assumed to have personalities and to possess consciousness, intellects, desires, and emotions. Does this sound like you?

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Under whatever name you choose, Spirit has provided the opportunity of greater acceleration in acquiring light, wisdom and greater consciousness. It, along with all the Ascended Masters invites you to merge into the ‘I AM,” consciousness where you will experience true joy and splendor. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You stand to achieve tremendous growth and acceleration on your path of enlightenment while releasing the karmic pain and struggles of previous lifetimes. In addition, you stand to serve the Earth as a beacon of light by helping to raise the consciousness of individuals that are unaware of this great opportunity.
This is an unprecedented time and Spirit by any name, is calling upon you, It’s most beloved supporters, to remember It’s ideal as your great teacher and friend and to assist It’s purpose in bringing greater light down to Earth. You are a great being of light even if you haven’t yet awakened to this idea. If you are reading these words, chances are, you are among the 144,000 that have mistakenly gotten caught up in the lower vibrations of this planet while seeking to uplift it. You are a “Lord of the flame,” but you must ignite your passion once again if you are to fulfill your divine purpose. I ask that you search yourself for the recognition of who you really are. Re-“cognize” this knowledge through your own personal experiences and they will attest to your greatness. You will come to find that there, just below the surface of your physical Self is an Avatar suffering from millions of years of amnesia. But something is stirring. Something is moving within your celestial framework that is allowing you to awaken to this truth. You must remove all doubt and silence any fears if you are to remember the mission you so willingly accepted. By remember I mean that you actually realize that you are a member of the body of God and you become reunited with it in consciousness. And whether or not you perceive God as an actual being or merely a moniker to help jolt your memory, now is the time for you to awaken to your true nature and resume your mission. You are here to hold the planet in your consciousness but how can you do that if you yourself are unconscious?

Monday, February 8, 2010


Imagine this…you are eternal. You have existed in pure form as an aspect of the great whole. You are pure love, light and energy resting in the bosom of the One and suddenly, you’re inspired to individuate into physical form. And so, you decide to orchestrate your coming forth. So you wait. You have an ideal in your conscious mind of what type of experience you would like to have. You’re fully aware of the multitude of choices and so you ponder what it is you would like to understand better by manifesting into a human form. You decide that you would like to have this experience as a male and alternate your gender with each incarnation thereafter. You pick a channel in which to come forth based upon the vibrational frequency of your parents and the genes they will provide you with. You know all the various nuances of your experience but not the experience itself. You know that choosing an earthly experience will involve stepping down your vibration to that of the environment. Your earthly body will be heavy and dense causing you to feel encumbered and trapped without the ability to be inter-galactic. You will take on an emotional body that will be uncomfortable at times and you will be subjected to the human condition. Your ability to create will be hindered by the slowing down of your vibration and everything will be on a delayed response. Your three dimensional awareness will lack all the nuances of full consciousness and at times it will feel as if you are disconnected from the One. You fully understand every forfeiture and yet you decide to manifest into human form so that you may have an earthly experience. And so, in spite of giving up what you know for what you don’t know, you incarnate into human form dawning your life suite as an Avatar.

In Hinduism, the word Avatar literally means, the deliberate “descent” of a deity primarily from Heaven to Earth. The Sanskrit noun avatāra is derived from the verbal root tṝ "to cross over", combined with the prefix ava "off, away, down". In the Bhagavata Gita it reads; “Whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases, I send myself forth, in order to protect the good and punish the wicked. In order to make a firm foundation for righteousness, I come into being age after age.” (4. 7-8)

The concept of Avatar within Hinduism is most often associated with Vishnu, the preserver or sustainer aspect of God within the Hindu Trinity or Trimurti. Although in reality we are all deities living in human form for the purpose of our evolution into greater aspects of ourselves. For clarification, I want you to understand what is being suggested here. You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine. You are an aspect of it. The only difference is one of degree so the part can not be different from the whole. This means you are divinity but you have chosen to forget this very important aspect of yourself by becoming human. Deities are depicted in a variety of forms, but are frequently expressed as having human form. While some faiths and traditions consider it blasphemous to imagine or depict a deity as having any concrete form, we are each divine in our own rite. Deities are usually considered to be immortal. As pure energy in human form, your essence can never die. Deities are commonly assumed to have personalities and to possess consciousness, intellects, desires, and emotions. Does this sound like you?
Deities, incarnations, and manifestations it’s all the same. You and I have deliberately manifested into human form for the sole purpose of evolving into higher forms of ourselves. Earth is just one of the many places where life can be experienced. There is a vast array of worlds and realities that exist beyond the limited confines of earthly thinking and understanding. We limit ourselves when we only subscribe to the possibilities of what is known.

The Universe is a myriad place of planets, inhabitants, existences and realities that we have hitherto not even begun to understand. It seems too farcical to imagine having come from divinity and to be here living as a deity in human form. But it’s true, you are part and parcel to God which makes you a god in your own rite. You possess all the attributes of the One but you are limited in your abilities because of the laws of this planet and the Universe. This does not mean that you lack the quintessential make-up of divinity. It merely means that while you are here, in this form, you must abide by the laws governing this realm of existence. This is what makes living in human form so difficult for us to stomach because we come from a place where anything is possible. Having accepted this earthly assignment, we’ve forfeited those limitless possibilities to a certain degree. Many of us can actually sense the loss and our physical body feels as though it were a prison. The Earth plane begins to weigh on us and we long for the time when we were in our rightful essence. Be that as it may, you are still divinity incarnated in human form for the purpose of your evolution. You have dawned your life suite and are here among us experiencing life as a human. Deep in the recesses of your cosmic memory, you feel the truth of these words as something begins to surface in your consciousness reminding you of the truth that you are an Avatar.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Universal Truth

As a seeker of truth, you should always be willing to expand upon your foundation by opening up to greater and greater knowledge. The Universe is forever revealing itself in the form of wisdom to those that are willing to accept it regardless of how unusual it may appear. Often times we become hindered in this acceptance by the rigidity in our beliefs. We condition ourselves only for certain truths while truth is eternal and will forever evolve into greater forms of itself. In The Emerald Tablets of Thoth it reads, “The infinite jewel of truth can never be fully read for truth brings forth extensions of itself and as one truth is mastered other truths appear.”

Universal laws are static and immutable much like truth itself and while truth appears to be constantly shifting and changing like the wind re-shaping itself into newer and fresher versions for different eras, it remains constant for the most part. Only the open-minded and the fluid thinkers can grasp the ever-changing nature of truth. Whatever the case, a change in the status quo is long over-due. It is time for us to break free of the out-dated, systematic approach to our existence and seek to formulate new ways of viewing the world in which we live. A new and updated paradigm is necessary if we are to grow spiritually. But we must first open our minds and realize that the change we seek to experience in the world has to first come from within. We have to be the change that we desire to see in others and as Peter Joseph says in the addendum to the movie Zeitgeist “In the end, the most relevant change must occur first inside of you. The real revolution is the revolution of consciousness, and each one of us first needs to eliminate the divisionary, materialistic noise we have been conditioned to think is true while discovering, amplifying and aligning with the signal coming from our true empirical oneness—it is up to you.”

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Whole Truth

Truth is a funny thing. Just when you think you have it all figured out, another form of what you thought was the ultimate truth slowly begins to emerge. I’ve come to understand that truth is transcendental in that it constantly expresses higher and higher versions of itself to the ardent seeker. As I become more willing to accept the truth regardless of how unorthodox it may appear, I find that I begin to breach certain boundaries of understanding and what I once believed to be a finite understanding suddenly becomes infinite. The deeper I dig, the more I realize that there really is no end to understanding and truth evolves according to ones awareness. Although I know truth is constant meaning that it can never be changed, what I know to be true is constantly expanding into greater and greater knowledge.

At times, I think I have a pretty firm grasp on a particular subject and then spirit decides that what I know is really only the tip of the Iceberg because lurking beneath the surface is a mass of substance and foundation just waiting to be discovered. 90% of all truth is below the surface. Much of what we know is very shallow and convoluted due to misinterpretation, religion, enculturation, the media, and societal influence. If you really want to know the truth then you will seek it beyond the confines of conventional thought. Everything you think you know about life and the beliefs you hold will suddenly become questionable. Trust me; what you know about the truth is subject to revision. Today, you may hold a certain belief based upon where you are in your process of discovery. Tomorrow that belief doesn’t necessarily change altogether but it has a funny way of evolving into a more complex understanding as you continue to seek. In your digging you will find that there really is no bottom. How could there be? To hit bottom is to say that you can reach a point where there is nothing more to learn. In that moment, you stop growing. Once you decide that there is nothing more to learn, your mind becomes closed to an infinite realm of wisdom and knowledge that is eager to be discovered. The insatiable desire to know more can never be quenched for there is no amount of knowing that could ever satisfy a seekers thirst.

Truth is encoded in your genetic make-up. It is a part of you. That thing that happens to you whenever you hear something that doesn’t quite resonate in your being is truth. That feeling you get when someone is trying to convince you of a thing you know to be false, is truth. Whenever you feel as if you are betraying your very nature simply by accepting a doctrine or a belief incredulously, that’s truth resisting deceit. Imagine this; your whole entire being is founded on truth and truth alone. It’s woven into the fabric of your chemistry. Within each cell of your illustrious body temple is the truth of the entire Universe hidden away waiting for your beck and call. You are sacred because you are the truth. You hold within your possession the keys to all mysteries, the answers to every question you could ever possibly have about life, the Universe and all consciousness. You are created in the image and likeness of all there is.

Seek truth, and with all your seeking, get understanding. As you begin to ask of your divine self to know more about this reality and all that it holds for you, truth will make itself privy to you. New teachers will begin to manifest in your field of awareness. Certain books will become available to you. Classes and workshops will be presented to help you discover the truth that you seek. A whole new world of beliefs and understandings will suddenly become a part of your awareness and you will never be the same. There is a higher truth than the one you now hold. Not a better truth but rather a higher form of what you already know to be true. Your direction is upward bound to a loftier existence. In reality what you are seeking is merely a higher version of yourself. This truer more pristine aspect of you can only be discovered by letting go of the dogma and worn-out thought patterns of generation upon generation of false teachings. There is nothing to know outside of your being. You hold within your fundamental nature, the answer to any question you could ever possibly have. You are an algorithm, a mathematical phenomenon clothed in flesh. The higher truth that you seek is YOU.