Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Whole Truth

Truth is a funny thing. Just when you think you have it all figured out, another form of what you thought was the ultimate truth slowly begins to emerge. I’ve come to understand that truth is transcendental in that it constantly expresses higher and higher versions of itself to the ardent seeker. As I become more willing to accept the truth regardless of how unorthodox it may appear, I find that I begin to breach certain boundaries of understanding and what I once believed to be a finite understanding suddenly becomes infinite. The deeper I dig, the more I realize that there really is no end to understanding and truth evolves according to ones awareness. Although I know truth is constant meaning that it can never be changed, what I know to be true is constantly expanding into greater and greater knowledge.

At times, I think I have a pretty firm grasp on a particular subject and then spirit decides that what I know is really only the tip of the Iceberg because lurking beneath the surface is a mass of substance and foundation just waiting to be discovered. 90% of all truth is below the surface. Much of what we know is very shallow and convoluted due to misinterpretation, religion, enculturation, the media, and societal influence. If you really want to know the truth then you will seek it beyond the confines of conventional thought. Everything you think you know about life and the beliefs you hold will suddenly become questionable. Trust me; what you know about the truth is subject to revision. Today, you may hold a certain belief based upon where you are in your process of discovery. Tomorrow that belief doesn’t necessarily change altogether but it has a funny way of evolving into a more complex understanding as you continue to seek. In your digging you will find that there really is no bottom. How could there be? To hit bottom is to say that you can reach a point where there is nothing more to learn. In that moment, you stop growing. Once you decide that there is nothing more to learn, your mind becomes closed to an infinite realm of wisdom and knowledge that is eager to be discovered. The insatiable desire to know more can never be quenched for there is no amount of knowing that could ever satisfy a seekers thirst.

Truth is encoded in your genetic make-up. It is a part of you. That thing that happens to you whenever you hear something that doesn’t quite resonate in your being is truth. That feeling you get when someone is trying to convince you of a thing you know to be false, is truth. Whenever you feel as if you are betraying your very nature simply by accepting a doctrine or a belief incredulously, that’s truth resisting deceit. Imagine this; your whole entire being is founded on truth and truth alone. It’s woven into the fabric of your chemistry. Within each cell of your illustrious body temple is the truth of the entire Universe hidden away waiting for your beck and call. You are sacred because you are the truth. You hold within your possession the keys to all mysteries, the answers to every question you could ever possibly have about life, the Universe and all consciousness. You are created in the image and likeness of all there is.

Seek truth, and with all your seeking, get understanding. As you begin to ask of your divine self to know more about this reality and all that it holds for you, truth will make itself privy to you. New teachers will begin to manifest in your field of awareness. Certain books will become available to you. Classes and workshops will be presented to help you discover the truth that you seek. A whole new world of beliefs and understandings will suddenly become a part of your awareness and you will never be the same. There is a higher truth than the one you now hold. Not a better truth but rather a higher form of what you already know to be true. Your direction is upward bound to a loftier existence. In reality what you are seeking is merely a higher version of yourself. This truer more pristine aspect of you can only be discovered by letting go of the dogma and worn-out thought patterns of generation upon generation of false teachings. There is nothing to know outside of your being. You hold within your fundamental nature, the answer to any question you could ever possibly have. You are an algorithm, a mathematical phenomenon clothed in flesh. The higher truth that you seek is YOU.

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