Thursday, February 25, 2010


Under whatever name you choose, Spirit has provided the opportunity of greater acceleration in acquiring light, wisdom and greater consciousness. It, along with all the Ascended Masters invites you to merge into the ‘I AM,” consciousness where you will experience true joy and splendor. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You stand to achieve tremendous growth and acceleration on your path of enlightenment while releasing the karmic pain and struggles of previous lifetimes. In addition, you stand to serve the Earth as a beacon of light by helping to raise the consciousness of individuals that are unaware of this great opportunity.
This is an unprecedented time and Spirit by any name, is calling upon you, It’s most beloved supporters, to remember It’s ideal as your great teacher and friend and to assist It’s purpose in bringing greater light down to Earth. You are a great being of light even if you haven’t yet awakened to this idea. If you are reading these words, chances are, you are among the 144,000 that have mistakenly gotten caught up in the lower vibrations of this planet while seeking to uplift it. You are a “Lord of the flame,” but you must ignite your passion once again if you are to fulfill your divine purpose. I ask that you search yourself for the recognition of who you really are. Re-“cognize” this knowledge through your own personal experiences and they will attest to your greatness. You will come to find that there, just below the surface of your physical Self is an Avatar suffering from millions of years of amnesia. But something is stirring. Something is moving within your celestial framework that is allowing you to awaken to this truth. You must remove all doubt and silence any fears if you are to remember the mission you so willingly accepted. By remember I mean that you actually realize that you are a member of the body of God and you become reunited with it in consciousness. And whether or not you perceive God as an actual being or merely a moniker to help jolt your memory, now is the time for you to awaken to your true nature and resume your mission. You are here to hold the planet in your consciousness but how can you do that if you yourself are unconscious?

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