Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Truth is Relative

In dealing with reality, we must therefore be referring to truth. But “truth is relative” you say, therefore how can one reality be constant for everyone? And the answer is—it’s not. Truth comes in many shapes and sizes and is therefore localized in the individual. What holds true for one may not hold true for all. This is why there are countless belief systems, philosophies and understandings. For example; there is the belief in correspondence which says that truth should actually correspond with the state of affairs. Or the coherence theory which says that truth has to have a proper fit within the whole system. Or the constructive theory which holds that truth is constructed by the social processes and is historically and culturally specific. And finally, the consensus theory which supposes that truth is whatever is agreed upon. But one thing does hold true for all and this is that we must all seek our own understanding of truth and honor that which we hold to be true for ourselves while at the same time honoring the truth of others.

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