Wednesday, May 5, 2010


What if the figure we know as Jesus never even existed? What would this revelation do to your faith and your way of believing? While this question may seem unrealistic to some, the reality is, recently I had to ask myself this very question. Fortunately for me the answer didn’t come in that instant but it came slowly over a period of time in a gradual gentle sort of way. Had it come to me in an instant, it probably would have been too devastating for me to handle considering my entire belief system was based on the teachings of Christianity which are founded on the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ. What had to happen for me was that I first needed to break free of the stranglehold Christianity had me in. This came in the form of Islam. And although I went from one form of belief system to another, this adjustment allowed me to accept Jesus as merely a prophet as opposed to him being the actual “Son of God,” and the Savior to the world. With this change in my belief, I was one step closer to freedom. After several years, my seeking led me to realize that even Islam was not the only proponent of truth and that there was an even greater aspect of my being that was still seeking to find truth in whatever form it might take. At that point, I started to open up to the possibility of simply being the spiritual entity that I am without the labels or the dogmas and the systematic way of thinking. It was in making that adjustment that I became able to handle the truth of what I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to handle. That truth being that the figure I was raised to believe in, cherish and worship as the son of god and my savior, was nothing more than a figment of someone’s imagination.

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