Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In many of the mystery schools and secret societies, knowledge is considered sacred and is therefore sworn to secrecy by the initiates. Divulging of the secret mysteries by any of those practicing in the esoteric studies is cause for not only being excommunicated but also a violent and painful death. In this way, the knowledge of ancient history can remain “hidden in the dark,” by those wishing to suppress the real truth of who we actually are in the grand scheme of existence. Anytime someone seeks to withhold the real knowledge of a people from them, they are seeking to usurp them of their birthright. If you were born into royalty but were never told this of your heritage, chances are you would never seek to claim that which is rightfully yours as heir to the thrown. This is the overall design which is to keep us unaware of our true heritage. But today, more and more people are beginning to awaken to the truth of what is happening here on this planet. As one becomes enlightened so too does another and another until eventually the deceit and the lies that have been perpetuated for ages will eventually become known by all.

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