Friday, October 1, 2010


Throughout our journey, we will come to find that Alchemy in its truest sense is nothing more than coming into our own personal greatness. We will find that the language of the Alchemist is about learning to communicate with the Soul of the World through signs, omens and by simply listening to our hearts desires because it is in that yearning that we become nearer to our true power. In doing so, we come to know our own soul which is actually the Soul of God. Throughout our transformation, we will gradually start to notice that all things change and they are continuously changing or being transformed into something different and perhaps even better than they were prior. Symbolically, gold has evolved beyond any other metals thus far making it the example of our own evolutionary goals as spiritual beings. It’s no secret that if we subject metal to extreme temperatures that it’s just a matter of time before it begins to free itself of any impurities leaving only the purest nature of itself. So too is it with you and I. Therefore, ridding ourselves of any impurities starts to become our own “Master Work” where we are able to discover for ourselves what the true elixir of life is thus transforming us into the true Philosophers’ Stone.

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