Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Truth is Relative

In dealing with reality, we must therefore be referring to truth. But “truth is relative” you say, therefore how can one reality be constant for everyone? And the answer is—it’s not. Truth comes in many shapes and sizes and is therefore localized in the individual. What holds true for one may not hold true for all. This is why there are countless belief systems, philosophies and understandings. For example; there is the belief in correspondence which says that truth should actually correspond with the state of affairs. Or the coherence theory which says that truth has to have a proper fit within the whole system. Or the constructive theory which holds that truth is constructed by the social processes and is historically and culturally specific. And finally, the consensus theory which supposes that truth is whatever is agreed upon. But one thing does hold true for all and this is that we must all seek our own understanding of truth and honor that which we hold to be true for ourselves while at the same time honoring the truth of others.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Know ye not that ye are gods...?

Being one with energy, we are functioning in an invisible matrix called the electromagnetic force field, we are a fundamental physical force that is responsible for interactions between charged particles that are about a hundred times the strength of the force that extends over infinite distances and is dominant over atomic and molecular distances. We exude a magnetic pulse, as such; we are powerful beings with all of the attributes of the original Source.

As we give conscious thought to energy, in other words, contemplate it or focus on it, the energy all about us increases, as does the magnetism of the field which surrounds us. As our magnetism increases, so does our desire. As our desire increases, so does our energy flow. The very nature of our existence is pure, raw, unadulterated energy. Far too often we are taught that we are powerless so that we will look to something or someone beyond ourselves in which to bestow our energy.

At its core, energy is the ability to do work or to cause change and we posses all the power we will ever need to exact change right within our make up. The moment we decide to send out a real soul-call to God, Infinite Omniscience responds and an energetic vibration is sent from you into the Universe, which draws into your experience that which will support the fulfillment of your desire. We must embrace our energy. Harness it; hone it as if it were a laser in which to dissolve the strongholds of debilitating thought and beliefs long held. We have to free ourselves from the exhausted, parasitic doctrines of old that only serve to invoke fear and weakness in us.

We are sleeping giants that must rise up and declare our rightful place as the gods and goddesses that we are. We are fashioned in the image and likeness of a perpetual energy that can never be destroyed. We are eternal beings and when we speak and live from this truth, others will shout ‘blasphemy,’ but do not hearken unto their cries for they have not yet come to terms with their own true Divinity. We are Divine energy having expression as being, through us and for us. As such, when we see ourselves, we are seeing the God of all creation and as the Christ once said ‘when you see me, you see the Father for he and I are one.’ In this state of awareness, we essentially become our true divine selves.

Monday, March 8, 2010


In reality we are all deities living in human form for the purpose of our evolution into greater aspects of ourselves. For clarification, I want you to understand what is being suggested here. You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine. You are an aspect of it. The only difference is one of degree so the part can not be different from the whole. This means you are divinity but you have chosen to forget this very important aspect of yourself by becoming human. Deities are depicted in a variety of forms, but are frequently expressed as having human form. While some faiths and traditions consider it blasphemous to imagine or depict a deity as having any concrete form, we are each divine in our own rite. Deities are usually considered to be immortal. As pure energy in human form, your essence can never die. Deities are commonly assumed to have personalities and to possess consciousness, intellects, desires, and emotions. Does this sound like you?