Sunday, June 26, 2011


On a grand scale, there are laws to abide by. These laws in which I refer to here are Universal in scope. Everything, I repeat, everything is governed in one way or another by these Cosmic Laws. I discuss these laws in greater detail in my second book Universal Truth: Thinking Outside The Box. These laws are such that galaxies and all the heavenly bodies therein, are subject to their affect. As these laws trickle down to the physical realm, they serve to keep humanity in accord with itself. Whenever we get so far out of balance with these laws that we ultimately become a detriment to others, systematically two things can happen. One is, we begin to violate penal laws which are punitive in nature and the Universe will allow us a “time-out” if you will, or some time to spend incarcerated in order to re-align ourselves with spiritual laws. However, there is also a more drastic outcome which would be a total and complete removal from society altogether by bringing about a physical death in order to prevent further damage to mankind. In any event, the Universe will always seek to right the wrong so-to-speak or re-align itself for the greater good of all concerned... Adopted from A 101 Disciplines to Higher Consciousness by Dr. Peter C. Rogers

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