Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spirit Light Body

As spirit beings, we are not mere flesh and blood but rather complex systems of light, energy and information which surrounds our physical body. The word “Merkaba” is an Egyptian term that means Mer = Light, Ka = Spirit, Ba = Body. Esoterically speaking, Mer refers to a specific kind of light which was known during Egyptian times shortly after the reorganization from many gods toward the worship of the one God of all creation. It is viewed as two counter-rotating fields of light spinning in the same space and it is believed that these fields can be affected by performing certain breathing techniques. In terms of the Ka, this refers to the individual spirit of a person, with Ba representing the spirit’s interpretation of its particular reality. However in this case Ba is usually defined as the body or physical reality. Although in other realities where spirits don’t have bodies, Ba simply refers to their interpretation of reality in the realm in which they exist. The Merkaba field exists not only within our cells, but also as a unified force field around our bodies. When we begin to consciously affect this field, we are ultimately affecting the particles that form the basis of our very make-up. Therefore, anything we do to alter the Merkaba will have a direct effect on the DNA structure. Our light-bodies originated immediately upon conception within the first eight cells of our physical body. This light-body later formed the Merkaba or the Time-space vehicle so-to-speak. It is known as the “Star-Tetrahedron” and is based on the idea of the five Platonic solids of which I discuss in greater detail in my up and coming book, Universal Truth: Thinking outside the Box; Book II.
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