Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Discipline #5

A.T.T.R.A.C.T.I.O.N: A Thought That Resonates As Communication To Invoke Our Needs

~ “Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting…We are like magnets—like attracts like. We become and attract what we think…Everything in our lives we have attracted...accept that’s true.” ~

—The Secret

In dealing with attraction, you are actually engaging in the creative process by emitting thought energy which is a vibration which communicates with the Source of all creation, in order to invoke or bring about that which is needed in your life. Take a look around you; everything including your spiritual, physical, emotional and mental condition, the lifestyle you are living, the clothes you are wearing, your income, the money in your bank account (or the lack thereof), the car you are driving, the people you associate with, your relationships, the work you do and the overall condition of your existence, is a direct result of your attraction. In any given situation, you are forever attracting to you the direct results of how you think and feel about the world in which you live. There’s no getting around this.
The Law of Attraction (LOA), states that whatever you concentrate on, you create. The reason for this is, as a spiritual being, you are energetic in nature which means you are constantly communicating with the Creative aspect, the Universe, God, All-That-Is, by the very nature of your energetic prowess. The means for this communication is your Conscious Mind via your Sub-Conscious connection. First, your Conscious-Mind develops and idea or a thought which over time can ultimately filter its way into your Sub-Conscious Mind. The Sub-Conscious aspect of all human beings is your God-Consciousness and anything that resides there, through its creative principle, eventually becomes the reality you see depicted in your life. This is not to suggest that fleeting or temporal thoughts will always manifest in your life so you shouldn’t always worry about passing thoughts becoming reality. However, if over time you allow those thoughts to become constant and they somehow find their way into your Sub-Conscious programming, then eventually, they will become the foundation from which you create your life.

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