Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cosmic Truth

You should know that it takes a great deal of courage in order to entertain the notion that life as we know it is really just a fraction of what is happening in the Universe. In order to fully embrace the wisdom of these writings which required a great deal of study and introspection, one must be open-minded to the degree that all forms of prior conditioning to the truth become openly challenged and you begin to reevaluate what you know about truth. You will come to find just as I did that our truth is minuscule in terms of Cosmic Truth and the vast amount of information that has been sequestered by a select few in an effort to keep you ignorant and unaware.

There is a far greater truth to be told by venturing into the unknown recesses of the mind. By mind I mean the Cosmic Mind which is the Universal brain. Within this brain lie all the answers that we’ve been seeking but have not yet been able to acquire. Our failure to obtain these precious gems of wisdom has been hindered by our inability to see beyond what is presented to us. We’ve become docile and conditioned by the various avenues of mental control. These avenues are masquerading as truth in the form of organized religions, dogmas, doctrines, creeds and false and unfounded beliefs being promulgated by adherents of clandestine activities. But the greatest of these is religion which continues to imprison the hearts and minds of anyone that would dare to venture out into un-chartered regions of thought and mental independence. It is for this reason that I write so that anyone who dares to escape the strong-holds of mental enslavement can find solace in knowing that knowledge is power and that power alone will serve to help humanity free itself from the tyranny of ignorance. “For you shall know the (real) truth and the truth shall set you free.”

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