Friday, July 2, 2010

Grand Scheme

Life itself is eternal and we are just one expression of a vast and magnificent Intelligence. This Intelligence is creation, It is Life and it is manifest throughout the millions of galaxies all of which harbor life in the most diverse forms. Life doesn’t have to be physical to exist. This might very well be the reason why we have had such a difficult time discovering other “life” forms. It is because we lack the means to do so. God exists in all forms, shapes and variations to include creations we have yet to discover. The human eye can only see ultra-violet lights and anything beyond that spectrum, we fail to see. Because we can’t see it, we deem it non-existent. But in reality, there is far more to this multitude of galaxies and Universes than we will ever know. God is life. Exactly when and how this came to be escapes the mind. All I know is that we have limited ourselves to the belief that human beings are all there is. It is utterly pompous of us to think such a thing for to do so would render God limited to this one form of dynamic expression. We pride ourselves on being created “In the image and likeness of God,” when it truth this could never be for God is the un-manifest energy of the Cosmos ever expanding into greater aspects of Itself. The idea that we are created in the image and likeness of God was uttered by the Nefilim in their attempt to create a primitive slave race through invitrofertillization methods in ancient Africa who later became an intelligent, thinking creature. These were the human-reptilian crossbreed gods of Sumer. But even these visitors from space are expressions of the One and eternal stream of God that permeates all life forms. This life force courses through the veins of every living creature and it is eternal. We are Its expression and therefore we are It made manifest in our human form. But we are not the totality of Its design nor of Its expression for we are just a single microbe in the grand scheme of life.

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  1. I've not read or seen anything like this. The knowledge that you're sharing had to come straight from GOD. Blessings to you and this project.